Working with your school and what to expect on the day
Life Education contributes to primary school PSHE provision by achieving agreed learning outcomes. Our aim is to work closely alongside schools and teachers to ensure lessons are effectively tailored to a class’s specific age, curriculum framework, and needs.

The sessions have been designed and  are delivered in such a way to build on your school’s existing PSHE provision. Using interactive activities  we focus on children’s  self esteem,  ability to make informed life choices and hopefully enhancing  the life skills of  young people now and for their future.

“The children came out of the caravan full of it! And I know they will be talking about it for weeks to come.”
(Teacher at Manor Park)

Why Life Education?
Our programmes, our delivery and the environment are:

EMPOWERING – young people with the skills and self-confidence to put their decisions into practice.
IMPACTFUL – Unforgettable, fun and inspiring sessions.
TAILORED – to the needs and themes of your school to complement and enhance your existing curriculum.
TOP QUALITY – sessions created by child development experts in line with current best practice.
EVIDENCE – Individual report for your school summarising pupil and teacher feedback, contributing towards your portfolio of evidence for the Ofsted inspection framework particularly relating to Behaviour and Safety.
(Download Life Education & Ofsted Inspection Framework 2015)

One of the key advantages of Life Education is that we do much of the work for you. We bring one of our specially designed mobile classrooms which provides a unique environment away from the school classroom, equipped with all resources. Our whole delivery is self- contained and undertaken by one of our highly qualified educators.

Life Education gives teachers the rare opportunity to observe their class engaging in a different learning environment with one of our educators, free from the need to prepare or deliver the content themselves.

Before the visit takes place we work closely with your school. We offer a staff presentation, organise the time table of programmes that best suits your school and offer optional follow-up resources, all of which ensure our work is embedded into PSHE planning. We take care of all logistical aspects of the visit from delivering, siting and setting up the mobile classroom through to providing access for children or parents with disabilities.

“Excellent provision – we have taken some of your
good ideas to implement activities in school”
(Edgewood Primary)
“Having the information/discussion delivered in a
different environment seemed to excite/motivate
interest/response in the children.”
(Beckingham Primary)

What to expect
The Pre-visit will establish the following:
• How your school wishes to use the visit and links into your curriculum.
• Content of programmes and suitability for each class.
• Any special issues and needs of individual pupils.
• The timetable.
• Siting of the mobile classroom.
• Involvement of parents, governors and other visitors.

The mobile classroom
DSC03277Size: 2.5m wide and 8m long.
Maximum Capacity: 25-30 (age dependent).
Requirements: 2 x 13amp sockets (we have all necessary cabling).
Ramps for disabled access

It will arrive either on the morning of the visit, or the evening before, and collected at a time that best suits you.

Final arrangements will need to be made between our towers and your site manager.

• The effectiveness of the visit will be maximised by integrating the visit into a scheme of work.
• The visit provides an opportunity for assessment and planning.
• Programme breakdown, preparation activity sheets and follow-up activities are provided here.
• Basic discussions about health, well-being and choices will help orientate the pupils for the visit.

The mobile classroom sessions. (download Programme Overview)
DSC03307• The mobile classroom experience is designed to create an inquiring and focussed atmosphere.
• Child-centred approach. Educators involve all the children, incorporating their ideas and reactions as much as possible.
• Educators ask lots of questions  to create an atmosphere of mutual enquiry and exploration of ideas.
• To maintain this atmosphere, we try to avoid any interruptions, e.g. children going to the toilet.
• Everything for the session is in the unit, so pupils do not need to bring anything with them.


“I think it was excellent and I really enjoyed it. It was great fun learning about what’s good for your body. Before I went I didn’t really know anything about drugs.”
(Y6 pupil. St Anne’s C of E)


School based Programmes and workshops

Internet Safety Programmes. (Y4-Y6) These programmes can be delivered either in the mobile classroom or in school. Covering National Curriculum KS2 IT requirements relating to internet safety. Children learn how to be respectful and safe online. New for September 2015, our educators have been trained to deliver these sessions to schools using a range of games, activities and videos to engage pupils fully in their learning. See our bCyberwise flyer for more information.

KS3. Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshops.
Three school based workshops for Years 7 and 8, exploring messages, information and attitudes surrounding alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. (See our flyer)

Behaviour and Safety Training Workshops.
Training for school based staff including lunch time supervisors. A set of three inset programmes focusing on issues such as increasing good behaviour, reducing conflict and tackling bullying in schools. For more information please see our Behaviour and Safety flyer.

Costs from January 2022.
Our charges may vary but as a guide:
LifeSpace Sessions: £400 a day (Multi-Day Discounts are available for LifeSpace bookings)
LifeBase Sessions: £400 a day (Multi-Day Discounts are available for LifeBase bookings)
SCARF Live Online: £365 a day
bCyberwise: £400 a day
Relationships Education: £400 a day
Time for Change: £400 a day

Many schools within Nottinghamshire and the city are eligible for additional funding.
Please contact us to find out.


“Brilliant! Calm, caring and fair approach.
Covered lots of ideas & sensitively handled questions”
(Heatherley Primary)