SCARF Live Online – NEW virtual workshops

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Interactive Sessions – in your school or delivered online (

Coram Life Education are now delivering new, innovative, online school workshops.SCARF Live Online

Their SCARF Live Online virtual workshops are delivered by our highly trained educators.

Children love these exciting, memorable workshops focusing on emotional health and wellbeing.

By booking these workshops your whole school will benefit from their award-winning SCARF comprehensive PSHE curriculum, at no extra cost!

Giving your children positive, exciting enrichment experiences and enhancing their emotional health.

Find out about more about SCARF Live Online workshops

Read what teachers say about the SCARF Live Online workshops.

For schools where visits from our educators are possible, we’re ready with our LifeBase workshops.

The workshops are priced between £380 and £500 per day, depending on the area and your specific needs. 

For your local area contact Life Education Centre Nottinghamshire  to discuss your requirements.