SCARF – LifeSpace

LifeSpace is our mobile classroom replacing the classic LifeBus. Our educators and Harold the Giraffe deliver special PSHE workshops including: Friends. Decisions, Taking Care of Myself and Meet the Brain. All workshops include resources to help assist teaching the children.


Harold and his friends bring their home to your school to teach your children all about Relationships Education.

TAKING CARE OF MYSELF for 3 – 4 year olds:

We meet Harold the Giraffe and the children help him to get ready for Nursery by showing him how to use the items in his wash bag. Using a specially designed body tunic the children learn about the functions of some major internal organs and then exercise with an imaginary walk to Harold’s Nursery. They see what Harold does at Nursery before he returns home for a nap, when the children imagine a sleep under the stars. Harold sings them a song about how special they all are before they each have a chance to say goodbye to him.

MEET THE BRAIN for 7 – 8 year olds:

We explore the Wellbeing Wheel and discussions about its five ways to emotional good health are woven through the workshop. We also consider how to ensure that online behaviour is healthy and balanced. Using interactive techniques, the children consider the importance of each body organ before meeting the classroom brain. We learn how a brain sends and receive signals through the nerves and how it controls movements. Helping with Harold’s homework, the children explore whether choices about taking a medicine, exercise, sleep, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes help or harm the body. At his school talent show Harold argues with his friend Derek over who should take the last place in the performance. The children help out by defining key friendship qualities and skills. Harold meets and thanks the children for helping and sings them his song about the importance of self-belief and friendship.

FRIENDS for 9 – 10 year olds:

The theme of looking after our mental health, as well as physical health – and the connection between the two – is further explored, using the Wellbeing Wheel. We also consider how to ensure that online behaviour is healthy and balanced. Using our interactive resources we explore how our body systems work together to keep us alive. The children are given the opportunity to discuss not only what a drug is, but how drugs can be used for medical and non-medical reasons. The risks of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are explored, although there is an emphasis on the fact that an increasing number of young people choose not take these risks. Through role-play the children explore the influence of friends on decision making. They identify and practise assertiveness skills. The importance of our basic human emotional needs in our decision making is threaded through the programme.

DECISIONS for 10 – 11 year olds:

We introduce the theme of decision-making and explore how the decisions a person makes can impact on both their mental and physical health. We explore the Wellbeing Wheel, looking in greater depth at the importance of looking after our mental health and the strong connection between mental and physical health, also considering how to ensure that online behaviour is healthy and balanced. We review children’s knowledge of the body. Children list drugs they have heard of and then consider how these drugs have medical and/or non-medical uses. Tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and solvents – and any other drugs that children ask about – are all touched on this programme. They learn about the basic laws on drugs and how drug misuse can affect a young person’s future aspirations. Through the use of specially created films and role-play, the children explore aspects of peer dynamics and risk-taking in relation to alcohol and devise strategies for managing both influence and risk. Children consider the types of activities most young people enjoy doing which do not present the same risks as using drugs, legal or illegal.

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