Families, Parents and Carers:

What are your children learning in the Life Education mobile classroom?

Life Education Centre Nottinghamshire is a unique and inspirational Charity, delivering programmes to children age 3 – 11 years. All the sessions we deliver are age-appropriate and aim to provide the children with an unforgettable experience. They will learn about the body and how to keep it healthy, understand that we are all unique, and develop the skills & self-confidence to make healthy choices now and in their future. For more information about our mobile classroom sessions look at our Leaflet for Parents and Carers.

During our visit to your child’s school we will offer a “pop-in” session specifically for you, so why not come and see us and the mobile classroom where we work with your children. You can see exactly what we do, what we talk about and ask us what ever you like.

In addition to the workshops for parents in the mobile classroom our highly trained educators work with Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Carers, delivering the following fun and exciting Family Learning courses:


Courses for Families, Parents, Grandparents, Carers and their Children

For details of family learning updated courses and workshops for 2020, please read this leaflet
  FL Courses provided by LECN (277.9 KiB)
FL Courses provided by LECN

Feel Good Families (8 weeks x 2.5 hours) :
This eight week course for parents, carers and grandparents aims to help build confidence, knowledge and skills needed for enjoyable and successful parenting. The course has a different focus each week, offering participants the opportunity to think about what works well for them in their family lives. Through discussions, activities and presentations they cover topics such as how to look after themselves so that they can look after their children even better, gain a few more techniques to manage their children’s behaviour and help everyone manage stress levels, as well as learn about how to talk with their children about drugs.

The sessions are structured but informal, aiming to encourage participants to contribute, meet other parents and carers, and above all to enjoy themselves. Each session lasts about 2.5 hours. For more detailed information see our Feel Good Families flyer.

“The ‘Feel Good Families’ parenting course helped me on many levels: it got me out the house; I met new people;….I feel the best that I have felt for ages. I really can’t thank you enough; you are sooooooo good at delivering all that information and being sensitive to everyone’s needs’ .
(participating parent Robert Miles Inf.)

Family SEAL (Primary and Nursery) (8 weeks x 2.5 hours) :
(For adults with children joining for the last part of each session)

Family SEAL outlines the links between the support mothers, fathers, grandparents and carers provide their children when they are developing the social, emotional and behavioural skills – and children’s school based work.

It is intended to help parents become familiar with what is taught in school, and to understand in what ways they can support their children with learning. (Download the Family SEAL Nursery & Primary overview doc)

.SEAL stands for Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning. These aspects are:

  • Self-awareness: understanding ourselves, our thoughts and feelings; knowing what we are good at; knowing our preferred learning styles; understanding our personality; knowing our normal reactions and attitudes
  • Managing Feelings: self-regulation; making wise choices about our behaviour
  • Empathy: recognising and understanding the feelings and mood of other people; understanding life from another’s point of view
  • Motivation: the skills we need to keep to keep motivated and interested in what we do; developing resilience, persistence, attitudes to making mistakes, developing an ‘I can’ attitude
  • Social Skills: This is about learning the skills we need to work and play together and form friendships; belonging to a community; friendships and other relationships; working together; resolving conflicts; standing up for myself; making wise choices.
“Family SEAL has been very helpful for me. It has enabled me to gain more confidence; meet new people; have a better perspective on family; see how we can help our children to do the right thing and how to help them with their emotions and bullying. I also really enjoyed this course ”.
(Robin Hood Primary – 2017)

Family SEAL (4 weeks x 2.5 hours) :
(For adults with children joining for the last part of each session)
As above, and the school can choose which aspects they want to include especially.

Cyber Heroes (4 weeks x 2.5 hours) :
(For adults and children join for the last part of each session)
Helping parents to keep themselves and their children safe online and using technology to develop other hobbies besides using the internet.


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Robots and Coding (4 weeks x 2.5 hours) :

(For adults only or families together)
Using Coding Apps to control robots and Lego – helping parents keep up with what their children learn in school.

Family Fortunes (4 weeks x 2.5 hours):
(For adults only or families together)

family fortunes (2)Family Fortunes is an exciting 10-hour family learning programme supported by the Money Advice Service and it is completely free to your school.  It is designed to build financial capability and support children and parents to develop positive money habits.

Please see the Family Fortunes flyer for more information.

“It was excellent. I learnt a lot about money saving, meal planning. Wonderful course, thank you”.

“Made me more aware of my spending”.

“I learnt more things. It is very helpful in my life”.

“This course made a big difference moneywise. I learnt so many things about money saving”.

(Scotholme Primary School ~ 2018)

Family SEAL for Transition (6 weeks x 2.5 hours) :
(Children and parents work together for the majority of the course)
The teenage years are full of mixed up feelings and unusual behaviour, as young people come to terms with changing from being a child at primary school to becoming a more grown up person in secondary school.
This invaluable course will help you to support your child’s transition to their new secondary school so that they become successful, happy, confident and responsible in their new setting, and at home.
Parents, young people and school work together to develop

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible
“The Family SEAL course has had a positive impact on me and my family. I have now tried to have more fun one to one time with my children. It has shown me how confident my child is too in groups. It has also helped me become a little more confident”.
(Robin Hood Primary – 2017)

There are 8 workshops; each lasts for 2.5 hours. (Family SEAL. Transition overview .doc)


In addition to the above are 3 introductory 2-hour workshops about some tricky issues to support parents in keeping their mental health and wellbeing on top form:

  • Family Cyberwise Workshop – (2 hours workshop) – an introduction to helping parents to keep themselves and their children safe online, including setting parental controls, and some very useful sites for parents. (Adults only or Families together)

“Great workshop, very interesting and I now have a better understanding and knowledge of online safety and parental control”.

(Parent, St. Mary’s Catholic Voluntary Academy)

  • Relationships Education for Parents and Carersan adult only workshop for parents of children years 4, 5, and 6. We recognise that parents play a vital part in their child’s Relationships Education, and we would encourage you to explore these questions with your child at home as well as at school. (Adults only.)
  • Talking Tough Topics (how to prepare your children for the dangers facing teenagers today) an adult only workshop for parents of children years 5, and 6. We all worry about how well our children will cope with the situations such as online grooming, bullying, gangs, knife crime, County Lines, drugs, gambling and so much more. (Adults only.)

For more details of all these workshops read this leaflet
  FL Courses provided by LECN (277.9 KiB)
FL Courses provided by LECN


The main aim of Family Learning is to:

  • engage parents in working with their children
  • develop the skills and knowledge of both adults and children
  • contribute to a culture of learning within the family.

Family Learning helps:

  • mothers, fathers and other adults who care for children to become more actively involved in supporting their child’s learning.
  • parents and carers understand the impact of their support.
  • to improve attitudes towards learning.
  • to develop employability skills and support improvements in pupil attainment.
“The advice and support this course has
offered me has been priceless….
The course Leader was very approachable and she made the sessions really fun and informative at the same time… she remembered each of our names as well as our children’s names. This may sound like a small thing but it really made me feel part of the group and respected as an individual.
This course has been invaluable..”
(William Lilley Infant School)

Other common benefits recorded by learners in their evaluations included:

  • increased confidence to attend courses and seek further training/employment.
    Mum Claire states:

    “I was totally satisfied with this and I liked it that much I would attend it again in the future.”
    (Ambleside Primary School – Family SEAL)

    Claire is also having an individual AIG session with Marie Ainsworth from Futures to help her with plans to return to work.

  • improved family communication and strengthened parent/carer and child relationships.
    Mum Irene states:
“Emily my daughter has been helped by having more confidence to share her feelings and express them.  Everyone should have the privilege to take part in this experience.  Please continue the amazing work.”
(Ambleside Primary School – Family SEAL)
  • improved confidence in helping children behave positively.  In answering the question :
    “Can you briefly describe what difference this course made to you?”
    Mum Jenny states:
“The ability to support and guide my children. Also having the Family SEAL pack has helped me to help my mother who is caring for my nieces.”
(Ambleside Primary School – Family SEAL)
The cost of running an 8 week course is £1,700
Many schools, nurseries, and children’s centres are eligible for funding so please contact us:

Useful links:
SEAL – Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning
Life Education Centre Nottinghamshire has joined the SEAL Community – if you are interested in finding the original SEAL resources, finding lots of new and additional resources or communicating with other folks who are teaching SEAL go to: http://sealcommunity.org/

The Family Learning Inquiry in England and Wales (2013) highlighted,
“Family Learning improves health and employability, and increases involvement in community, culture and sport.”

We are very grateful to our delivery Partners who provide the funding for these courses:


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