Are you Relationships Education ready for September 2020?


SCARF is up-to-date and ready for new statutory requirements for Relationships Education which will become compulsory in all primary schools in England from September 2020.

Coram Life Education offer schools a Relationship Education programme that is:


  • Tried and tested in real classrooms with teachers
  • Designed to be delivered by confident teachers and with the option of support from our educator team
  • Regularly updated online to meet statutory requirements.

The resources form part of the SCARF subscription. Coram Life Education also offers educator-delivered interactive sessions. You have the option to combine these elements, tailoring them to the unique needs of your school.

To find out more, call your area’s Life Education Centre Nottinghamshire on 07974 440 250 and speak to
Jane Lechley or email

See more about these resources on Coram Life Education’s website :


A BIG Thank You to Our Educator – Harriet Greenhill

Harriet with her medals
Many thanks go to our Educator Harriet Greenhill who has recently completed a sponsored run on behalf of Life Education Centre Nottinghamshire.  In her own words …

“I decided to run 50 miles each month for three months starting on the 1st March 2019.  150 miles in total to raise money for Life Education Centre Nottinghamshire. It was tough at times and hard to find the time to squeeze in those miles but I did it. Feeling great as it’s a big achievement. A huge thank you to all those that supported me on my journey”.

At the completion of  each 50 miles, Harriet was awarded a medal .  Harriet's Medals (2)

The final total raised will be revealed when all monies have been collected.

Very well done Harriet!

With thanks from all at Life Education Centre Nottinghamshire.



Children’s Mental Health Week 2019

Childrens Mental Health Week 2019

Children’s Mental Health Week was held on 4th – 10th February 2019
with the aim of being Healthy: Inside and Out.


Place2Be is encouraging children, young people and adults to look after their bodies and their minds – and you can join in!

It doesn’t have to be difficult. Our bodies and minds are connected, so simple things that we do to improve our physical wellbeing can help our mental wellbeing too.

Interested in getting involved? Click on the link below and take a look at Place2Be’s free resources  for ideas…

Safer Internet Day 2019

Safer Internet Day 2019

Safer Internet Day ~
Tuesday 5th February 2019

Safer Internet Day 2019  ~ Tuesday 5th February 2019 with the theme: “Together for a better internet”

For more information , just click on the link below …

For even more information to be safer on the internet visit the following website to become an Internet Legend !

Anti-Bullying Programmes

Stop Bullying

Remember that Life Education Centre Nottinghamshire’s mobile classroom programmes and also in particular bCyberwise and SCARF [39 anti-bullying lesson plans, 30 on self-esteem, 30 on caring and many more on positive relationships and friendships]  can help schools be safer places for children.

The theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2018 was: ‘Choose Respect’

There are some useful websites that schools, parents and children may want to look at together, to open up discussion about bullying.  Here are a couple for example :